Goran Milić in CIM forum, Kotor

The guest of CIM forum, which is held in Kotor, was Al Jazeera Balkans journalist, Goran Milic from Croatia. Milic talked, using this opportunity, about media in ex Yugoslavia, comparing them with nowadays media. “It could be like discussion about cars- some claim that cars used to be better, whereas I believe that they are better now, lasting much longer……It was not possible to think about car not having fault after 600km, that is how those cars were good, and the same thing was with journalism- the only problem was that you were not allowed to write, at the time, that our journalism, was not good” compared Milic. He added that the journalism at that time was not criticized “just as nothing has been”, and journalists did not have enough topics about which they could write freely. “Still, there is something that had been better then- nowadays whatever is made well, half of medias will notoriously mark as bad, In the other hand, we were really happy when something of public interest turned out to be good” stated Milic.

He, also, gave an opinion related to challenges brought by investigative journalism and other autographic contents in media.

“Certain media documentaries- BBC or Al Jazeera are very good. However, there is no money for investigative journalism, because you investigate something, but politics is stronger and will make fool of you and, above all, you will be damaged by it all”. “But, where is it funded from? It is needed to, for example, pay salary to some journalist for three months in order for him to discover one affair” concluded Milic.