Ana Dedović


We are proud to announce Ana Dedović, a communication philosopher and PR manager, who will bring her unique knowledge and experience to this year's CIM Forum. Ana is the PR manager at Crnogorski Telekom, and her journey through the world of media and communications began after completing her postgraduate studies in public relations. She made her first steps as the face of the morning program on TV Vijesti and then spent over a decade working in PR in the energy sector, tourism, and telecommunications. Her ability to connect philosophical concepts with the practical aspects of communication makes her extremely innovative and successful in her career. Ana believes that the essence of communication is understanding and connecting people, and this philosophy guides her through every aspect of her work. Her extensive experience in various industries allows her to approach communications with a broad perspective, always seeking new ways to improve and optimize. Join us at the CIM Forum and explore the world of communications through Ana's philosophical lens.