Ana Medigović


We announce Ana Medigović, an inspiring cultural leader, who will enrich this year's CIM Forum with her experience. Ana graduated in theater production from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. She began her career as a program coordinator at the Festival of International Alternative Theater (FIAT). After an internship at the JU "City Theater" in Podgorica, she was employed as a producer-organizer in the same theater. She later became the head of the general affairs sector and then the acting director of JU "City Theater" in Podgorica. She also served as the Secretary for Culture and Sports of the Capital City. Ana's professional journey includes rich experience in organizing and managing cultural projects, and her passion for theater production and cultural management makes her a distinguished expert in this field. Her dedication to the cultural development and sports of the capital city of Montenegro has brought numerous innovations and improvements to the local community. Her rich experiences and perspectives will inspire and motivate you towards new ideas and projects.