Bojana Femić Radosavović


We are excited to introduce Dr. Bojana Femić-Radosavović, the Executive Director of the Innovation Fund of Montenegro, whose vision and leadership are shaping the future of innovation in the region, at the CIM Forum 2024. Bojana brings over 17 years of experience in management, leadership, communications, marketing, PR, innovation, and consulting. Since late 2021, she has been leading the Innovation Fund of Montenegro, creating support programs, and awarding grants in various innovative fields. She is also a visiting professor at the University of Montenegro, teaching at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Political Science, and Faculty of Fine Arts, focusing on marketing, business communication, organizational behavior, and public relations. Bojana is also the founder of the UM Academy and the Center for Educational and Promotional Initiatives (CEPI). Join Dr. Bojana Femić-Radosavović at the CIM Forum and learn more about her exceptional contributions to innovation and development, as well as the inspiring experiences she will share with us.