Brankica Raković


Introducing Brankica Raković, a prominent panelist at this year's CIM Forum. Get ready to enter the world of this innovative digital pioneer. Brankica Raković is the owner of the digital marketing agency "Dot Media" and the editor-in-chief of Lola magazine, which is read by over 500,000 people monthly. She also hosts the podcast "Oslobođena" within the Oslobođenje media group. With two decades of marketing experience, she shares her knowledge as a lecturer at regional courses, workshops, and mentorship projects focused on digital marketing. Awarded as the influencer of the year in the category of "social responsibility" and recognized by UN Women for her contribution to combating violence against women, this further validates her significance and influence. She is currently in the process of preparing her first authored book. Discover how Brankica Raković inspires and connects people through digital media and socially responsible projects at CIM Forum 2024 in Kotor.