Danilo Mašojević


Get ready for something special, because the next panelist brings a dose of laughter, energy, and professionalism to the CIM Forum 2024: Danilo Mašojević. Danilo, a renowned TV editor and presenter, currently serves as the chief editor and host of the morning program “Pokreni se” on TV Nova in Serbia. With extensive experience in journalism and television production, Danilo has traversed various media platforms, including Prva TV, Radio-televizija Priboj, Studentski grad TV, Story magazine, B92 TV, and TV Vijesti. Now, as a key member of the TV Nova team, his engagement in the morning program and the afernoon show “Među Nama” wins the hearts of audiences across Serbia. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his exciting stories from the world of television and journalism at the CIM Forum.