Duška Vučinić


Introducing Duška Vučinić, a woman whose career in the media is marked by exceptional success and unwavering dedication to social responsibility. Duška began her journey in the media world in 1990 as a journalist, host, and editor of cult shows on the Third Channel. She later transitioned to a managerial role, leading the Public Relations and Corporate Image team at Radio Television of Serbia, becoming the unofficial symbol of Eurovision in Serbia as the voice of the TV broadcast. She served as the Executive Director of ESC Serbia. Duška has spearheaded numerous humanitarian campaigns, including the construction of a safe house for domestic violence victims, "teleton" fundraisers for earthquake and flood victims, and the equipping of neonatal units. She has worked as a consultant for many companies, participated in panels and lectures on CSR, and has been the face of several Serbian brands. Prepare to meet Duška Vučinić, whose experience and vision will enrich CIM Forum 2024, providing inspirational stories and invaluable insights into the world of media and social responsibility.