Marko Vukčević


With enthusiasm, we announce Marko Vukčević, the creative chief editor of the student radio station KRŠ, as our panelist at this year's CIM Forum. Marko is not only the chief editor but also the host of the popular youth program "We're Still Green" on the RTCG 2 channel. He also curates the original program "Night Drive" on the radio, exploring the regional music scene. His journey in media started as a morning show announcer on KRŠ, and he further expanded his creative work as a journalist for the Glas Zabjela portal. His articles have also been featured on platforms like and ROZA, a portal for feminist and leftist politics. Join us at the CIM Forum to learn more about Marko's dynamic work in the media and explore new perspectives on the youth scene and media culture.