Milan Vračar


We are thrilled to announce Milan Vračar, a man who carries culture in his heart and management at his fingertips, as our inspiring panelist at this year's CIM Forum. Milan Vračar, a graduate in cultural and media management, is a remarkable figure in the world of independent production and cultural activism. As the president and founder of the Kulturanova Association, Milan has led numerous international projects and played a key role in organizing some of the most significant cultural events in Novi Sad and beyond. His rich experience includes collaboration on festivals, conferences, and residency programs around the world, while his contribution to the cultural life of Novi Sad and Serbia is undeniably significant. As the founder of the Cultural Center and coworking space LAB, Milan actively works on building a creative community and supporting artistic creation. Join Milan Vračar at CIM Forum 2024 to learn more about his experience, ideas, and vision for the future of culture and media.