Momčilo Zeković Zeko


Momčilo Zeković Zeko, an outstanding artist with a rich creative portfolio, takes the stage at the CIM Forum 2024. As a multifaceted talent, Zeko captivates audiences across the region with his literary and musical work. With over 15 books, including novels, poetry collections, and short stories, Zeko is not only an author but also the founder and member of the PERPER group, whose work encompasses pop-rock poetry and music. Through his film projects as a screenwriter, composer, and producer, Momčilo has further expanded his influence, creating artistic pieces that have left a profound impact. His music and poetry are recognized internationally, as they are performed in French, Italian, Portuguese, and English. Momčilo is not just an artist; he is also a reciter, performer, and interpreter of his works, having participated in numerous advertising and travel show projects. Discover the depth and diversity of Momčilo Zeković Zeko's creativity at this year's CIM Forum, where he will share his experience, vision, and inspiration with all attendees.