Nataša Kraljević


Ready for the next CIM Forum panelist? 3, 2, 1... We are thrilled to introduce Nataša Kraljević to you. Nataša is a lecturer at the University of "Mediterranean" in Podgorica, specializing in cultural policies, cultural management, and the arts. She works as an associate professor in the Marketing Services department and is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics and Business. As a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship, she completed her master's studies at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and the University of St. Thomas in Miami, USA, focusing on arts, festivals, cultural management, and intercultural human rights. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Montenegro in Podgorica. Since 2022, she has been an expert in Montenegro's cultural policy at the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends association. Join us at the CIM Forum and delve deeper into her remarkable contributions to shaping the cultural landscape and international relations.