Nikša Sviličić


Dive into an exciting journey of knowledge and talent with our upcoming panelist at this year's CIM Forum, Prof. Dr. Nikša Sviličić. Known as the "most educated Croatian," Nikša boasts an impressive academic background and a wide range of interests. With three doctorates and over thirty years of teaching experience, he epitomizes top-notch expertise. Nikša isn't just an outstanding academic; he has taught at renowned universities worldwide and gained international recognition as a professor of computer science and multimedia techniques in Korea. He was awarded Harvard's prestigious Excellence in Teaching Prize. Nikša is a well-known musician who has collaborated with Balašević and Oliver Dragojević. His literary works have been regarded as among the best in Croatia, and he has received numerous accolades for his work as a filmmaker. Now is your chance to hear more from this exceptional panelist at our forum.