Allow us to introduce the next CIM Forum 2024 panelist: the Njuz.net team. Yes, you heard that correctly - those who skillfully intertwine humor and satire into the world of news. Since 2010, Njuz has become synonymous with original, fabricated news stories that were often so convincing that many media outlets reported them as true. Together with Zoran Kesić, they launched the show "24 minuta," which amassed over 300 episodes over the course of ten years. With three books under their belt, the latest being "The True History of the World," which became a bona fide bestseller. They ventured into podcasting in 2020, launching the Njuz Podkast as a new creative platform. And realizing that politics isn't the only relevant topic, they also introduced Njuz Popkast, where they discuss everything current in the world of movies, series, books, and music. So, join us for this entertaining and enlightening discussion at the CIM Forum 2024.