Srđan Filipović


We are proud to announce Srđan Filipović, a media expert, who will enrich this year's CIM Forum with his unique insights. Srđan Filipović is a media marketing manager with an impressive total of 64 years of experience in various media houses. His career is distinguished by deep knowledge of media marketing and strategic planning. He has been working at Drugačija Radio Stanica for 15 years, at City Radio for 9 years, and at Exclusive Magazine for 16 years. Previously, he worked at Ufa Media (10 years), RTV Atlas (4 years), Pink TV (4 years), SV-RSA Ufa Media (2 years), and RTV Elmag (4 years). His dedication and work ethic are reflected in every project he has worked on, significantly contributing to the development of marketing in the region. Join us at the CIM Forum and discover Srđan's rich experiences and perspectives in media marketing, which will inspire and motivate you.