The first CIM Forum in Kotor has started

Minister thanked to Forum team of creative medias and industries for organizing such event, and to participants wished creative discussion, which, as she said, will allow them better insight into challenges that the culture, creative industries and medias face.

Tourist organization CEO Jovan Ristic said that TO Kotor, as well as Kotor Municipality, always tend to support creative and inventive people who strive, as he said, to difference.

“I use the opportunity to praise BHM Agency which organized this event, and thus started something that makes difference and which belongs to this city. It is something that we will all together be able to praise this year and, I believe, in future when the manifestation will grow” he added.

After introductory note, 1 on 4 discussions followed, participated by humor-musical organization ‘The Books of knjige’.

Journalist from Serbia, Olivera Kovačević said that organization of this forum type is an excellent idea, especially when we talk about media employees gathering.

‘Here we need to talk about a future, a vision, and exchange of experiences. Whenever I come to Montenegro, I want to know what its citizens want to follow in terms of media content when it comes to Serbia. I can talk about what media from Serbia follow from regional media, what is interesting to us and to what extent it is more attractive to us, and vice versa. This is the place where I can see my personal, journalistic interest, hear other experiences and exchange some interesting ideas”, she said.

Producer Nina Redžepagić pointed out that the existence of such events is very important, and it is even more important, as she added, that they are financed by the ministries in charge and local institutions.

“Congratulations to the organizers for their courage above all. Bringing such big regional names during the organization of the first forum is really demanding, and something that deserves serious attention. It is important that the media and the creative industry are in the focus of attention of all targeted publics, and I hope that this forum will have a successful future”, she said.

One of the organizers, Kristina Gačević, pointed out that they had been preparing this forum for a long time, and that they were very satisfied with how the opening ceremony went.

“We have two more days, thematically very beautiful but organizationally very challenging. I hope that we will be able to implement the planned program, and that people will leave Kotor in our planned manner- in love with Kotor, with Montenegro, and that CIM will come to life”, she said.

Numerous visitors continued socializing with a cruise on the Katica ship, and the organizers announced the continuation of socializing.